HHMI Virtual Lab Series

Virtual Transgenic Fly Lab

In 2002 The Virtual Lab Series won the top prize Pirelli INTERNETional Award in the category of Multimedia Education coming from any school, college, and university or research center.

The Transgenic Fly Lab was a finalist at the 2003 Macromedia MAX Awards in the category of E-learning Experiences. This category was for applications created by organizations to teach employees, customers, partners, or students.

More recently, the Transgenic Fly Lab won a MERLOT award in 2010.

A3MG has played an integral role in the development of HHMI’s Virtual Labs project.

Bill Pietsch, A3MG’s President and Creative Director, has been involved with the Virtual Labs project since its beginning in 1996 with the Virtual Immunology Lab. Bill provides art direction, 3-D modeling, and interface design to the ongoing Virtual Labs project.

Davey Thomas, A3MG’s Vice-President and Media Programmer, became involved with the Virtual Labs project in 1997 with his work on the Virtual Neurophysiology Lab. Davey provides programming and animation on the project.

The sixth Virtual Lab, Stickleback Evolution was released in 2012.

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Pirelli INTERNETional Award
2003 Macromedia MAX Awards
MERLOT Awards: Exemplary Learning Materials