How We Get Our Skin Color Interactive

This interactive animation about the biology of skin color provides stop points at which students can further explore the material through additional text and illustrations, videos, questions, and simple interactive widgets.

Narrated by the world’s leading authority on the evolution of human skin color, Dr. Nina Jablonski, this animation describes how and where melanin is produced in our cells and what factors affect our skin color.

A3MG provided interface design, graphic design, and the programming of this custom interactive video app.

Client: Howard Hughes Medical Institute

View the Interactive Animation

Interactive Video with Quiz

Interactive Video 1Interactive Video 2

A3MG designed and programmed this custom video player that features interactive quizzes for HHMI BioInteractive short films.

Embedded quiz modules test students’ understanding as they watch the short film on the rock pocket mouse—a living example of Darwin’s process of natural selection.

Pocket Mouse Film With Quiz

HHMI Holiday Lectures Video On Demand

The annual Holiday Lectures on Science, given for pre-college students, have been webcast live by A3MG since 1998. A3MG developed this video on demand (VOD) player which features HD resolution in full screen mode, closed captions, and chapter links so viewers can jump to a specific topic within the videos.

Videos that have Closed Captions available also have a search field above the chapter list. Entering a word or phrase in this field will search caption text and chapter names for the current video. Clicking the results below the chapter title will position the player 5 seconds before your search term is mentioned in the video.

Watch the Lectures



HHMI’s annual Holiday Lectures on Science feature cutting edge science lectures by the world’s top scientists. Each year two scientists give talks on a variety of topics in biology.  A3MG created this web app that plays the full length lectures–over 52 hours total–on mobile devices like the iPhone and DROID.

On your iPhone, iPod touch, or Android phone, go to the following URL and add the link to your home screen.