Earth Mass Extinctions Poster


Working with HHMI BioInteractive scientists, A3MG designed this poster illustrating Earth’s five mass extinctions and a potential sixth.

Discover the environmental factors that caused the five big mass extinctions in Earth’s history and which species they impacted.

View and download the poster

The Anthropocene: Human Impact on the Environment

Anthropocene 1Anthropocene 2

A3MG designed and programmed this “interactive poster” to accompany HHMI BioInteractive’s 2014 Holiday Lectures on Science classroom poster.

Explore key human impacts on the environments and how they have affected Earth’s landscape, ocean, atmosphere, and biodiversity with this engaging interactive.

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View and download the print poster

Gorongosa National Park Interactive Map

Gorongosa Map 1 Gorongosa Map 2

A3MG designed and programmed this interactive map working with scientists at HHMI BioInteractive.

This interactive map of Gorongosa National Park allows users to explore different features of the park, including key components of the conservation strategy.

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Exploring Transitional Fossils


A3MG designed and programmed this Web app for HHMI’s BioInteractive.  Users press fossils of transitional creatures in the rock layers to reveal their characteristics and learn how each characteristic evolved.

The fossils of transitional creatures were key evidence for Darwin’s evolutionary theory, but none had been found when he published On the Origin of Species. Now, there are many examples of such fossils, which clearly show that big evolutionary leaps consist of many smaller steps.

BioInteractive Booth Graphics

NSTA Booth1 Booth2

A3MG designed this 5′ x 3′ graphic for HHMI’s BioInteractive booth at NSTA 2014.

Earth Evolution Poster


A3MG provided art direction and graphic design on the Howard Hughes Medical Institute’s 2012 Holiday Lectures on Science poster, Earth Evolution: The Intersection of Geology and Biology. The poster won honorable mention in Science magazine’s 2012 International Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge in the category of Posters and Graphics and was featured in the February 1, 2013 issue of Science magazine.

Science Magazine Article
2012 Visualization Challenge Winners

Unitec Sentinel Poster

A3MG designed this poster to showcase Unitec’s new Sentinel car wash entry system. A3MG also designed the Sentinel product logo shown in this piece and displayed on the product.

Migration Policy Institute Videos

A3MG was hired by MPI to create video graphics and edit two videos for their online ELL Information Center. The videos include graphics with a cohesive look throughout. The maps, graphs, and charts are animated to highlight the data points as they are mentioned. B-roll and photos are interspersed to add interest to the presentations.

Unitec Trade Show Banners

Unitec hired A3MG to design the graphics for these 7-foot tall trade show banners.

ReachFree ID Logo


A3MG designed this logo for Unitec Electronics’ RF (radio frequency) entry product. A3MG also created an illustration to visualize how the system works.

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